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Frequently Asked Questions.




What if I am healthy?
If you are, that’s great! We want you to stay that way. Our clinic is based on preventive care so you avoid developing future problems. It’s amazing how many healthy people come in and leave with a greater knowledge and understanding of their health: what food, chemical or environmental sensitivities that may drain their systems in the course of a day; how to best avoid developing symptoms or diseases in your family history; what stretches or exercises will be best for your body and lifestyle; and which, if any, supplements would optimize your energy, youthfulness and well-being.

My doctor says that I am fine but I just don’t feel healthy. What can I do?
Functional illness is that grey area between optimal health and disease. Many people have some signs and symptoms of functional illness such as: fatigue, headaches, indigestion, back pain, allergies, and dozens of other complaints which interfere with their quality of life. These signs and symptoms aren’t really addressed by mainstream medicine which usually deals with disease. If your medical doctor has ruled out the presence of a disease causing your symptoms, then you are left with a functional problem which may not have a name.

How long is the initial appointment?
We typically schedule new patients for a one-hour visit. You and the doctor will discuss your individual health care plan and your follow-up appointments.

Why do you use vitamins, supplements, homeopathy and herbs in your practice?
For most people, their health is very dependant on the food they eat and the nutrition they derive from that food. Unfortunately, as our soil becomes more and more depleted; environmental toxins attack our food supply; and genetic “solutions” (GMO) mess with the original makeup of our food; we receive very little intended nutrients.

Supplement recommendations vary from person to person. Some people need ongoing maintenance or supportive supplements to help their cells function at optimum levels; while others may only need temporary supplementation while their body is healing.

What if I am scared of an adjustment?
Dr. Jamieson utilizes many different methods to alleviate structural problems. In fact, he uses several low force adjusting techniques which do not require forceful adjustments of the spine. Please be honest with us when it comes to your fears and expectations from our clinic and we will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable.

What type of insurance do you accept?
We accept most of the traditional PPO insurance companies. However, we need to let you know that we provide “health care” not “disease care”, and traditional health insurances cover the treatment of a specific disease. They traditionally only reimburse for treatments that fall in their narrow guidelines. As we explained above, most people with a complaint do not have a disease, but a functional health problem. You should not always expect your insurance company to pay for this because it was not designed to do so.

Unlike the cost of treating a disease with western medicine, alternative care is very affordable and effective. Most people find that by staying healthy with alternative treatments they are able to avoid the big expense and side affects of western care.

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