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Functional Neurofeedback

Personalized holistic brain training

For optimized longlasting brain function






At the Jamieson Health Center we offer Advanced Functional Neurofeedback to adults and children suffering from emotional, learning and stress related disorders. We also offer High Performance Brain Training to anyone who wants to become a peak performer in their career of business, music or sports.


Our goal is to help everyone in the Bay Area and beyond function at their optimal level while living healthier quality lives without the use of drugs. Whether you are looking for peak performance or you are suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, autistic spectrum disorder, migraines, concussion, or learning related issues, we can help.


What is Advanced Functional Neurofeedback?


Advanced Functional Neurofeedback recognizes that everyone is different.

ü  We consider all bio-psycho-social areas of a person’s life for a complete and accurate assessment. 

ü  We develop effective custom designed training plans that are more likely to help you truly improve your life.

Advanced Functional Neurofeedback integrates qEEG brain mapping, qEEG Neurofeedback brain training, brain entrainment and nutritional support to optimize your brain function, improving emotional, learning and stress related issues.


ü  Our initial 19 channel qEEG brain map looks “into” your brain and identifies any areas of instability, over-stimulation and under-arousal which may lead to dysfunction, disease and pain.

ü  Your qEEG brain map report:

o    Provides an analysis of your cognitive, emotional and social behaviors

o    Pinpoints brain areas of neurological instability that are directly related to your cognitive, emotional and/or social issues

o    Shows possible features of underlying physiological or metabolic issues such as brain inflammation, blood sugar swings, toxicity, lack of ATP, etc.

ü  We create custom designed training plans specifically for you based on your 19 channel qEEG data along with your own personal story, considering your history of head injuries, emotional trauma and physical health.

ü  qEEG neurofeedback brain training optimizes your brain and retrains your brain to reduce unhealthy activity and stay within healthy ranges. Based on operant conditioning, it uses continuous visual (movie) and auditory feedback (music) to reward your brain when using healthy brain patterns.

ü  During your training, we also use Brain Entrainment to improve the effectiveness of neurofeedback. Photic lights entrain your left and right brain hemispheres separately to produce healthy brain wave patterns.

ü  If needed, personalized nutritional support addresses any underlying metabolic issues inhibiting your brain. It provides the right “fuel” for your brain and maximizes the effectiveness of the training.

ü  Alpha-Theta or Deep States Training helps integrate “stuck” emotions and trauma

ü  We offer unlimited free computerized “cognitive performance tests” to establish an objective symptomatic baseline and to manage progress. 

As a result, your brain creates new plasticity, learns how to sustain healthy activity independently and stays within healthy ranges permanently.


Neurofeedback should play a major therapeutic role in many difficult areas. In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy it would be universally accepted and widely used. It is a field to be taken seriously by all.”

- Frank Duffy, MD, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School



Many patients show improvements within 8 to 10 sessions. Their headaches may reduce, they may sleep better, have less pain, have better focus and attention, are less depressed, experience less anxiety and feel emotionally much better. However a minimum of 24+ sessions are needed to make substantial changes and to make healthy changes permanent.

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Our patients say we are different

1.    We address all bio-psycho-social issues and use an integrative approach to address the needs of both brain and body

2.    We create a custom designed training plan, specifically for you, based on your qEEG brain map and your own history, not your symptoms

3.    We have in-house expertise in analyzing qEEG brain maps

4.    We offer qEEG guided neurofeedback integrated with brain entrainment for better training

5.    We integrate qEEG neurofeedback with personalized nutritional support for faster results

6.    Our neurofeedback protocols are based on research that shows efficacy

7.    We stay with you during your training to monitor progress and optimize your protocol for best results every session

8.    We offer unlimited free cognitive performance tests to manage progress

9.    We provide custom designed solutions including flexible options with home systems

10.  We offer affordable brain training solutions to optimize your brain function for optimal health and see faster results in fewer sessions




“The American Academy of Pediatrics considers neurofeedback a "Level 1 - Best Support" Intervention”




Charlotte’s story

“It is somewhat difficult to comprehend how my daughter transformed from a clumsy distracted and developmentally behind child into an eager learner who actually enjoys dance classes very much! Three months of treatment changed our lives completely. I discovered that Charlotte has a personality, and a beautiful one. Now she has interests, and preferences, and most importantly skills. Charlotte is not a slow, anxious child like her kindergarten teachers claimed. She loves puzzles, math, ice-skating and even reading that used to be a torturous experience for both of us. There is a whole new world within our daughter that we’ve just recently discovered. I can’t describe how rewarding it is to have an actual conversation with your child, to hear her express herself in meaningful and coherent sentences. This is something we were never able to do before the treatment.


Thank you Dr. Jamieson and Hilde. This was a life changing experience for our family. You gave Charlotte a gift she might only come to appreciate years later.  My daughter is a happy bright little girl, and much of it we owe to Jamieson Health Center.”



Noah’s Story

“Before going to Jamieson Health Center (JHC), we had previously consulted another health center but were quickly turned off by their unpromising treatment plan and lack of genuine concern for our son’s welfare. Instead, when we chose JHC that’s where we learned about our son’s gluten sensitivity and metabolic issues. Our 5-year old son had substantial brain fog which impaired his emotions, and mental and social abilities.


The previous place only offered neurofeedback treatments whereas JHC’s approach is more comprehensive. They evaluate each case and make a customized treatment plan for each individual. JHC educated us on how diet can benefit or harm the brain. Based on their recommendations, we changed our son’s diet to eliminate gluten and some other foods. Along with his diet change, proper supplements and neurofeedback sessions we saw tremendous change in a matter of weeks. Before the treatment, our son was a socially unresponsive child with much learning difficulties. Now that his brain fog has been removed and his brain is stimulated, our son is talking a lot more at home and at school. He is also able to manage his emotions and interact with his classmates much better.”





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Disclaimer: A qEEG brain map is not intended for clinical diagnosis, but for the purpose of clinical practice of qEEG neurofeedback. A nutritional evaluation is not a substitute for an official clinical diagnosis, rather it is intended for the development of nutritional protocols.


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