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As part of his integrative treatments, Dr. Samuel Jamieson uses Nutrition Response Testing to identify which supplements your body needs and whether they work together synergistically. No more guess work whether the vitamins you take are really good for you. Dr. Jamieson will also identify if any food sensitivities to gluten, casein, sugar, corn or other pro-inflammatory foods affect your health and counsel you about whole food nutrition and a healthy diet.


Sometimes your body builds up a toxic load due to the consumption of trans fats, processed foods, too much sugar and high fructose corn sugar, alcohol, caffeine, or the accumulation of other toxins like un-metabolized hormones, undigested proteins, toxins from pesticides, cleaning agents, cosmetics etc. In this case, it may be best to start with a thorough cleanse of your entire body. Dr. Jamieson suggests a 21-Day Purification Program which will help detoxify not only your liver, but also at the cellular level. It prevents the re-uptake of toxins in the gut, and facilitates proper elimination. At the same time, it helps you build a healthy eating routine. You will have more energy, lose weight and feel much healthier. What’s more, you will want to keep up with the healthy diet!


The facts about nutrition.

8 of the top 10 causes of death in America are directly related to poor nutrition.

The 8 modifiable factors of premature aging are all influenced by nutrition.

Today, people are generally less concerned about nutrition than they were in the past. Despite a decreasing interest in healthy diets, Americans are using more supplements.  How come? Two-thirds of people take them to increase energy, enhance appearance, lose weight, reduce stress, improve fitness, and prevent disease. In other words, it seems as if supplements are being used to take the place of a high-quality, whole food diet and a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, supplements can never replace a healthy nutritious diet.


A real food diet and the “right” supplements.

We believe that a healthy diet should be the foundation upon which supplements can be added to assist deficiencies, imbalances, history, and circumstances. Dr. Jamieson will educate you about a “good and healthy” diet. If you are wondering what we eat, check out and try our home made recipes!


We will help you transition from a nonfood diet to a real food diet, and offer supplements that will support you with this transition.


Many people are purchasing expensive supplements that may not be necessary or useful and are sometimes harmful to them. Dr. Jamieson uses Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition Response Testing to identify what supplements and herbs are best suited to heal your body and to create a custom designed nutritional protocol specifically for you. We don’t believe in a “cookie-cutter” or a “shot-gun” approach.


Toxins, allergens and sensitivities.

Our body is also daily exposed to toxins and allergens from our environment. We inhale them, our skin absorbs them and we get them from the foods we eat, or the medications we’ve taken in the past. Toxins accumulate in the body and disturb the biochemical balance of your body. The result is ill health.


Many people are unknowingly sensitive to certain foods. Especially gluten (a protein found in wheat and other grains), corn, casein (a protein found in milk), soy and sugar cause sensitivities in many children and adults. This can lead to all kinds of symptoms, from allergies and skin issues to digestive issues and leaky gut to neurological imbalances and ADD/ADHD.


To learn more about the impact of food on our health, read Dr. Jamieson’s newsletters on:


Hair analysis, saliva and blood tests.

In addition to using Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Jamieson offers hair analysis or tissue mineral analysis as a precise and accurate mineral and toxin screening tool. Mineral and toxin content of the hair reflects mineral and toxin content of the body’s tissues. If a mineral deficiency or excess exists in the hair, it usually indicates a mineral deficiency or excess within the body, or bio-unavailability. When toxins are measured in the hair, it usually indicates toxicity in the body.


Dr. Jamieson can usually identify your food sensitivities using Applied Kinesiology. He may also prescribe additional saliva, stool or blood tests to identify IgA, IgG and IgE sensitivities to foods like wheat, gluten and other cross reactive foods and allergens.


Individual diet, supplementation and detoxification programs.

With the results of the hair analysis, blood and/or saliva tests in combination with the use of Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Jamieson can provide you with a custom nutritional protocol and/or detoxification program designed for your individual and specific needs.

We assure you that we only use and recommend the most researched and highest quality organic and whole food herbs and supplements. Our supplements are sold only by licensed healthcare practitioners.








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