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Bio-Cranial System.






Dr. Jamieson provides cranial sacral therapy, which he has integrated with Applied Kinesiology. He specializes in Bio-Cranial therapy, one of the most powerful therapies to promote ultimate health.


Bio-Cranial therapy influences one of the highest control centers of body balance and healing, the cranial-sacral system. This system consists of the skull (cranium), spine, sacrum (pelvis) and the dura, which covers the brain and entire nervous system. Bio-Cranial therapy releases torque on the dura, eliminating pressure on the nerves.


The cranial-sacral system is the most powerful and critical system in your body.

Few are aware of the powerful relationship that exists between the skull (cranium), spine, sacrum (pelvis), and the dura, which we call the cranial-sacral system. The dura is the membrane that encloses the brain and the entire nervous system. It contains the cerebrospinal fluid (called CSF). The CSF is pumped throughout this closed system about 12 times a minute. Every time, cells are filled with nutrients and waste is removed.


Trauma causes torque on the dura.

One of the great teachers of our time, Robert Boyd, DO, believes all diseases have a common foundation. Too much compression in the bones of the skull (cranials) and the skeleton, causes torque on the dura and pressure on the nerves. Other important parts of the body become restricted. Many parts of the body suffer, even the organs.

In many cases, this compression is the result of trauma: birth, falls, auto accidents, sports injuries and physical assaults.


Bio-Cranial therapy restores the effects of trauma.

With Bio-cranial therapy, Dr. Jamieson will help you restore the integrity of the cranial-sacral system and optimize the expansion and contraction within the dura. It releases torque on the dura, and consequently also pressure on the nerves.


With Bio-cranial therapy, Dr. Jamieson can enable amazing changes in your health, energy and feelings of well-being, so you can be healthy sooner and enjoy life more. 


For more information about Bio-Cranial therapy, please visit the Bio-cranial Institute online at http://www.biocranial.com.








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