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Some of our patients would like to share their experiences about the integrative care they have received at our health center. We welcome you to read their testimonials.

Advanced Neurofeedback reduced my son’s autistic symptoms and greatly improved his speech.

My son has been diagnosed with autism at age 3. We have tried every type of therapy: ABA, OT, physical and speech. Despite the years of therapy, his speech hasn’t improved very much at all. Our son seemed absent and he could be impulsive and socially inappropriate. He struggled with sustained attention and gets in trouble at school. Our speech therapist referred us to the Jamieson Health Center.


After the initial assessment and brain map, we knew so much more about our son. It finally started to make sense. After changing our diet, supplements and 2 neurofeedback sessions, we saw improvement in his speech. After 3 sessions, his teachers were noticing a difference in his focus and attention. It was like a miracle! Now, he has been at his second summer camp. He has friends and shows empathy. He can play ball games and is not afraid. He is not obsessed with certain things anymore. And we can understand everything he says now. He is even using difficult words!  His reading comprehension is much better and I could go on and on. We are so thankful to have found the Jamieson Health Center.


Advanced Neurofeedback improved my son’s learning, behavioral and emotional issues.

Before going to Jamieson Health Center (JHC), we had previously consulted another health center but were quickly turned off by their unpromising treatment plan and lack of genuine concern for our son’s welfare. Instead, when we chose JHC that’s where we learned about our son’s gluten sensitivity and metabolic issues. Our 5-year old son had substantial brain fog which impaired his emotions, and mental and social abilities.


The previous place only offered neurofeedback treatments whereas JHC’s approach is more comprehensive. They evaluate each case and make a customized treatment plan for each individual. JHC educated us on how diet can benefit or harm the brain. Based on their recommendations, we changed our son’s diet to eliminate gluten and some other foods. Along with his diet change, proper supplements and neurofeedback sessions we saw tremendous change in a matter of weeks. Before the treatment, our son was a socially unresponsive child with much learning difficulties. Now that his brain fog has been removed and his brain is stimulated, our son is talking a lot more at home and at school. He is also able to manage his emotions and interact with his classmates much better.


Advanced Neurofeedback helped my daughter’s ADHD and behavioral issues.

My daughter has been suffering from ADHD and behavioral issues. Her teachers complained about her bad behavior at school, inability to pay attention and disturbing other kids. The school psychologist encouraged us to get her on medication while the school has been giving her special ed classes. She has been on Ritalin for over 4 years and we are very concerned about the side effects. Doctors had to keep increasing her dosage to manage her symptoms.


We decided to try neurofeedback. After working with the Jamieson Health Center, we have seen great improvement in our daughter’s behavior. She is a much happier, compliant and positive little girl. A few weeks ago, she received the “Student of the Month” award at school. All her teachers have noticed the amazing changes in her behavior and cognitive function. We are so thankful to have found the Jamieson Health Center


My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and suffered from developmental delay - now she is a bright and happy little girl – thanks to Advanced Neurofeedback!

It is somewhat difficult to comprehend how my daughter transformed from a clumsy distracted and developmentally behind child into an eager learner who actually enjoys dance classes very much! Three months of treatment changed our lives completely. I discovered that Charlotte has a personality, and a beautiful one. Now she has interests, and preferences, and most importantly skills. Charlotte is not a slow, anxious child like her kindergarten teachers claimed. She loves puzzles, math, ice-skating and even reading that used to be a torturous experience for both of us. There is a whole new world within our daughter that we’ve just recently discovered. I can’t describe how rewarding it is to have an actual conversation with your child, to hear her express herself in meaningful and coherent sentences. This is something we were never able to do before the treatment.


Thank you Dr. Jamieson and Hilde. This was a life changing experience for our family. You gave Charlotte a gift she might only come to appreciate years later.  My daughter is a happy bright little girl, and much of it we owe to Jamieson Health Center.

Lena K.


Advanced Neurofeedback helped my daughter’s learning issues.

My daughter is 11 and had issues focusing and paying attention for many years. She can’t sit still and fidgets all the time. She used to daydream a lot in school. She used to be a slow processor, taking longer than other kids to do her homework. She had problems with math and reading comprehension. She was having insomnia, having a hard time falling asleep.

We started seeing great improvements after about 10 sessions of neurofeedback.  She was sleeping a lot better. Now, when Kathy comes home from school, all her work is done because she is now able to finish her homework at school. She started having more A’s on her tests, including math. She can focus better and is a lot faster in everything she does!


Advanced Neurofeedback greatly improved my son’s cognitive abilities & reduced his autistic symptoms.

He is definitely more focused and his concentration is better. His schoolwork has improved. He listens to directions, and now follows two- and three-step directions. He does not get upset like he used to. His teachers also report improvements in math and other work. His speech is much better and he is not obsessed about certain things anymore.


My teenage son has his joy back and is finally resuming school after refusing to go for a long time.

"I can't make him like school but I can help him feel more neutral about going to school so he will not have such a negative emotional reaction."

This is what Dr. Jamieson first said when I took my son in for our first meeting. Here is our story. My husband and I were desperate when our son (then 12 years-old) became depressed and refused to go to school. It was so heartbreaking to see him lose all interest in learning and become hopeless about his life. We spent thousands of dollars for a psychiatric evaluation with their recommendations being counseling and possible medication. We tried counseling - didn't work out. We definitely did not want to put our son on any medication.


Things were not getting any better. He didn't have very many days left for unexcused absence at school. I finally convinced our son to visit Dr. Jamieson. During our the first visit, I was amazed to see how Dr. Jamieson read all the signs from my son's brain, just by testing his muscles and lightly touching some points on his body. I knew right away that this would work. A few weeks into the treatment, we started to see changes in him. His facial expression became brighter and just as Dr. Jamieson had said, he started going to school every day!! He, of course, still complains about school. He doesn't like going to school. However, considering that only a few months before we almost took him out of school for homeschooling, I have no idea what our life would be like if we hadn't heard about Dr. Jamieson from my sister-in-law. We are so grateful to him. Nothing makes us happier than seeing my son full of life again, making silly jokes.


We are still in the middle of our parenting journey but now we know where to go when things get rough!!

Makiko F., mom of teenage son.


My son’s anxiety disorders and phobias are disappearing!

My son has had anxiety his entire life.  When he was four years old, Stanford Children’s Health Council diagnosed him with two anxiety disorders.  His anxiety interfered with day to day activities in his early school years, and at times, was debilitating.  By age 8-9 years, the anxiety had evolved into anxiety-related compulsions and phobias.  Simple home activities became impossible for him such as walking down dark hallways by himself (even though he can turn the lights on) to retrieve items, take showers, or dress into his PJs.  He also developed a germ phobia.  He would become emotionally disturbed (teary-eyed) prior to a certain friend coming over for family dinner because he would not want to sit by him to eat.  In social group therapy, he would choose to eat his snack in a closet!  It began to affect our family’s ability to eat out because he developed a fear of certain “germ-y” restaurants.  He became anxious about statues in certain restaurants that might “spread germs” onto the food as waiters passed by.  This prevented him for eating altogether.


We began treatment with Dr. Jamieson around the beginning of the new year 2007.  My son went through about a half dozen treatments.  The first improvement we saw was in his ability to sit next to that certain friend to eat a meal and to go to restaurants again.  His fear of going down dark hallways went away, too.  He’s been able to dress himself now like a “normal” kid and even take full showers, too, in the evenings.  He’s improved 90-99% on these specific anxiety-related issues and we are grateful to Dr. Jamieson.  We plan to continue working with Dr. Jamieson on other issues, too.



The 21-day detox program and diet changes healed my Crohn’s Disease: zero pain without meds.

I was diagnosed at age 28 with Crohn’s Disease. At that time, I had 3 feet of diseased intestine removed.  Prior to meeting Dr Jamieson 4 years ago, I was taking 16 anti inflammatory tablets per day (Pentasa). I suffered from chronic intestinal inflammation causing abdominal pain, bloating, intestinal fissures and occasional intestinal blockages. I was also dealing with associated issues such as gall stones and severe stomach cramps. The associated pain made it impossible to sleep more than 20 minutes at a time. Some days I was too sick to go to work and the pain at times was so bad I had no option but to lie down during the day.


4 years ago, Dr Jamieson established that I had a Gluten Intolerance. A change in diet to eliminate Gluten and monthly treatment at Jamieson Health Center made a huge difference and dramatically reduced the intestinal inflammation to the point that I could stop taking the Pentasa medication. More recently a combination of stress at work and lack of discipline with my diet resulted in inflammation returning and a trip to emergency during the night for an intestinal blockage. A week in the hospital on steroids helped to avoid a second surgery but my GI specialist insisted that I start treatment immediately on an autoimmune treatment called Remicade. This would have meant an infusion every 3 months by an oncologist with some serious potential side effects.


Dr Jamieson recommended that I try a 21 day detox program/cleanse and strict diet to try and reduce the inflammation and avoid the Remicade treatment. After 21 days on the program, I lost 15 lbs in weight, all signs of inflammation were gone, not just intestinal inflammation but arthritic pains in my shoulders and hands, which I had just put down to getting older. I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in 20 years, had no pains after eating and realized I had a lot more energy. I now have zero gall bladder or intestinal pains. I’m a lot more positive emotionally and I am able to think more clearly. I have more energy and willingness to exercise. And I achieved all of this without taking Pentasa and Remicade. Everybody commented on the weight reduction and the fact I looked a lot healthier.


Although weight reduction was not a primary a goal, I did want to lose 15lbs ideally. I’m now back at a 28 inch waist and 164lbs, the same weight and waist as I was at 21. My major target of keeping off dangerous medications was achieved. I just need to stick to many of the lessons I learned from the program and stay like this.

Mike P.



At age 79, my mother is so amazed at how her health has been improving since seeing Dr. Jamieson.

My 70 year old mother My 79 year old mother recently immigrated to the U.S from Japan. While it took about a year to finally get her here, I was determined that I would take her to see Dr. Jamieson once she is here.


She had all kinds of problems:

After she had a hip replacement about 10 years ago, her left knee was partially paralyzed and she could not walk very long without a cane. She could hardly open her mouth and chew food due to a number of dental treatments she's had over the years.

She constantly felt light-headed especially in the morning. She could not think clearly.

She was coughing very hard - once it started, it was hard to stop.

She easily got car sick - just stepping into a car made her sick.

Shortly before she came to the U.S. she started having irregular heartbeats for which she takes medication.


Now, however, after 9 visits with Dr. Jamieson, she can walk quite a distance without a cane and feels some strength in her knee. She can open her mouth wider, easily chew food. She can think clearly all day.

She doesn't cough anymore, doesn't get car sick. Although she still takes medication for her heart, it's not as bad as to affect her quality of life anymore.


My mother is very amazed that things can still be better than she had learned to accept, thinking she was born with some of these problems or she was simply aging.

She enjoys spending quality time with her granddaughter and going out to watch her grandson wrestle at tournaments.


Thank you, Dr. Jamieson. You are truly amazing.

Thank you, Mrs. Jamieson, Veronica and Denise for welcoming her warmly and trying to greet her in Japanese!!



After 4 days on the SP purification program, I noticed my body didn’t ache anymore!
For years I have been dealing with arthritis in my joints and also overall body aches and pains. I have had two hip replacements and yet I still ached. I would go to bed at night and cry because I was miserable and didn’t know what to do. In March of 2012 I started going to Dr. Jamieson. I listened to all that Dr. Jamieson told me and felt that I should get a new start with life and hopefully one without pain.


I began my journey with the 21 day purification program that Dr. Jamieson recommended. I thought in my head…I will never be able to do this…I never had any will power in the past and I always would go back to my old ways after a week or two. However this time was different for me. I followed the plan and after 4 days on it, I noticed that my body did not ache anymore. I felt more energy and I felt happy and ready to take on the world.


After the 21 day purification program I decided that since I felt so great and did not want to go backwards in the way I was feeling I would stay eating healthy and remove gluten, dairy and sugar from my diet. I have lost 23 pounds without counting calories or weighing my food. Loving it!! I actually enjoy eating vegetables now!

 I am slowly making changes in my life as to what I eat or put on my skin or hair and what I use in the house for cleaning. It isn’t a fast change but a slow one. I want to make sure that my changes are a lifestyle change that stays with me forever. I hope to be an inspiration to others and help others find a way to live their lives to the fullest. I would encourage everyone to take the challenge of doing the 21 day purification program and see!

It will make you a believer!

Lynette L.



I suffered from infertility, irregular periods, and was labeled a PCOS patient – but now I conceived naturally.

I have had irregular periods for years. After I got married and we knew we wanted children it seemed impossible. My doctors prescribed medication to induce ovulation and we did succeed in having two children. However my menstrual cycle was still irregular and doctors continued to dismiss my questions and concerns about my cycle and I was categorized as a POCS, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome patient. And although ultrasounds never found cysts I was still labeled a PCOS patient with few symptoms (including missing cysts). There were also other symptoms that interrupted life. I had constant dull headaches, greasy skin, and horrible cramping and back aches with ovulation. After feeling alone and ignored by western doctors I decided to try an applied kinesiologist after a family member had success with soothing extreme eczema after seeing an AK doctor for 3 weeks.

I found Dr. Jamieson after researching online. Fertility was my number one concern and after few visits with Dr. Jamieson my cycle began to get shorter and cramping, headaches, and skin issues were improving. After two months of treatment and supplements, I began maintenance visits once a month during which my cycle continued to shorten and become regular. During the fourth month we discovered we are pregnant and expecting a healthy baby in December.

I believe the combination of Dr. Jamieson’s treatments has aided in the conception of our blessing. I will continue maintenance visits for my overall health and well-being. I truly believe that anyone could benefit from regular visits to an AK doctor like Dr. Jamieson.

Jennifer A.


My chronic coughing and asthma are gone, my back is stable, and I lost 30 pounds!

For several years, I had been suffering from asthma and could not seem to get rid of severe bouts of coughing.  I also had a long history of back problems and it did not take much for my back to be out of alignment.  I had chiropractic care prior to seeing Dr. Jamieson and often when I came home after an adjustment, my back would go out and was in pain again because of the continuous bouts of coughing.  I heard of Dr. Jamieson through a few friends who had very good therapeutic experiences with him.  After 2 weeks of working with Dr. Jamieson, I stopped coughing. I was apprehensive if the asthma was truly gone or if it was just time for it to clear-up but the proof came when I had a couple of colds since then.  I would only cough for a day or two then stop.  My back remained stable then I knew that Dr. Jamieson had fixed the problem.  Along with the benefit of my asthma stopping, as I continued to work with Dr. Jamieson, I was able to lose about 30 pounds and with my back no longer being out for long periods of time I was able to waterski again this past summer.  Thanks Dr. Jamieson for giving me my health back.

Terri C.


My daughter’s headaches are gone!

My daughter, Kathryn, had headaches for about 2 years.  We went organic, preservative-free, wheat and dairy free and still they wouldn’t go away. 

Five months of therapy with Dr. Jamieson and the headaches were gone!  I thank God for his healing hands so my daughter’s body could heal itself.

We continue to come once a month to maintain treatments and keep her healthy.

Thank God for Dr. Jamieson!

Kathryn A.


My daughter suffered from nausea and vomiting during dance competitions.

Hannah competes in Irish dancing and had a big problem with nausea and even vomiting when she danced in competitions. The problem started in 2004, when she was 9 years old. She was getting over mononucleosis and got sick at a big competition in Denver. From then on, she associated competitions with feeling nauseous.

She tried all kinds of relaxation methods, anti-nausea methods, along with seeing a psychologist, and trying hypnosis with another psychologist. We even tried to talk her into quitting dance competitions, which she was adamantly against. She really loves to dance! We sure missed seeing the joy on her face when she danced, and of course, the sickness was affecting her performance.

After a consultation and 6 sessions with Dr. Jamieson, she went to a big competition in Phoenix in November 2008 and felt no sickness at all! She was able to eat beforehand and was able to dance without worrying about getting sick.

We are so grateful for the help Dr. Jamieson was able to offer Hannah.

Susan L.


My allergies are cleared with holistic chiropractic treatment.

I have to admit I have always been very skeptical about the chiropractic industry.  I was referred to Dr. Sam Jamieson after suffering for several months with a stiff neck.  To my surprise, after the first visit I experienced significant improvement.  I took his advice and began a series of visits.  It was during these visits that I learned that I had allergic reactions to things I ate every day.  This peaked my curiosity and I had to ask about my pollen allergies.  I suffer from seasonal pollen allergies.  On a scale of 1 to 10, my allergies easily ranked a 10.  After several sessions, I am happy to say that this is my first season in years of not having to take shots and Claritin.

Thank you Dr. Jamieson!

Ben E.


The pain in my knees caused by my gymnastics stopped in 2 days!

I do gymnastics so my knees would hurt really bad. I did 6 weeks of physical therapy and my knees continued to hurt. Finally my mom took me to Dr. Jamieson and in 2 days my knees stopped hurting! Thank you Dr. Jamieson.

Micaela W.



My daughter’s eczema is finally healing after all other doctors said she’ll need to live with it.

We had been battling with Abi’s eczema since she was a baby.  About a year and a half ago, she swam in a very chlorinated pool causing Abi (age 8) to have a full-blown case of eczema that we were not able to treat through doctors, allergy specialists, topical medications and supplements.  Doctors basically said that there was no cure for eczema and that she would have to live with it until she grew out of it.


We were not satisfied with that answer so we were referred to Dr. Jamieson.  Through a series of adjustments, dietary suggestions and supplements, we are proud to say that Abi’s eczema is in recovery and healing.  She is no longer fatigued, scratching and unhappy in her physical well-being.  We have our little Abi back and she is much healthier for it.  For a year and a half, we tried to figure out how to solve Abi’s eczema.  It was a guessing game of trying one thing or another.  When we came to Dr. Jamieson, there was no guessing.  He went right to work diagnosing and treating her with the correct solution. 


We are very pleased with Dr. Jamieson’s services – it was well spent money.  We have already referred many friends to him and they are seeing success too.

Abigayle A.


Dr. Jamieson helped my son’s bed-wetting problems in just one treatment.

Angelino was having bed-wetting problems.  I had tried to determine if it was an allergy to something with no success.  I was washing sheets 4-5 times a week and then decided to get pull-ups, even though he was 5 years old!


Dr. Jamieson saw Angelino one time.  It has been 7 weeks and only 2 accidents compared with 4-6 accidents per week! Thank you!  Thank you!

Angelino M.


My daughter’s ankle and knee pain, stomach aches and cat allergy have cleared up!

My daughter Jessica, 8 years old, started complaining of ankle and knee pain about 6-8 months ago and it was getting progressively worse.  She loves gymnastics but we were beginning to think she would have to quit.  Over the past year, she also had a lot of stomach aches and pains.  We thought her lactose intolerance was just getting worse.  Now after two months of treatment, her ankle and knee pain have cleared up; she is still able to do her gymnastics too!  Another huge bonus, her stomach pains have significantly cleared up as well.  As Jessica says, “I feel better all over.” 


We can’t thank Doctor Jamieson enough.  Oh, he even helped her with her cat allergy – amazing!

Jessica K.


Dr. Jamieson helped me improve the condition of my sinuses, lymph-node system and liver.

Dr. Jamieson has helped me with a variety of problems.  Mainly he has helped me with my sinuses by improving my condition to the point where I seldom use anti-histamines or pain relievers.  He has improved my lymph-node system so my arms and hands no longer have painful swelling.  Lastly, he has helped me improve the condition of my liver.  Basically my whole health has improved immensely.

Peggy P.


The cortisone shots did not help, chiropractic care took away my pain!
I visited the clinic initially because of pain in my index finger from playing a musical instrument. I 
was initially skeptical about getting chiropractic treatment. However, several cortisone shots from a 
hand surgeon had failed to alleviate my symptoms. After Dr. Jamieson's treatment, I found myself 
getting gradually better. Now I am back to playing my instrument again. 2 years of physical 
therapy/visits to my MD did not do anything for me. However Dr. Jamieson treated me and guided 
me through the recovery process and now I am much better and feel that I am well equipped to 
continue playing.
What I appreciate most is the time and focus Dr. Jamieson puts into his treatments. He spends
enough time to understand the situation and gives the best treatment at the clinic as well as good
advice on what do to between visits. I am never left feeling I am just another patient between
several others at the clinic. I get personalized attention in a pleasant environment and treatment to
my full satisfaction.
Thanks for all the help
Anil M.


No more back pain during my pregnancy!

When I first went to see Dr. Samuel Jamieson, I was ten weeks pregnant and experiencing pain in my neck and lower back. Knowing that many people are afraid to see a chiropractor while pregnant, I was hesitant at first. The pain was keeping me up at night and I was getting very little sleep, so I talked to my doctor and she said to go ahead and see a chiropractor. It was only going to get worse over the next few months so I decided to do something about it right away.


After my first visit, I slept all night for the first time in so long I can’t even remember. Weekly visits continued to improve the pain and I was able to go the majority of the day without it. Allergies were really becoming a daily problem as well, and after each visit I felt much better.


In recent years, I was a patient of another chiropractor, so I was not unfamiliar with seeing one. However, I was unfamiliar with the way Dr. Jamieson practices. The doctor I had seen before was done within minutes and did not take the time to really find the root of the pain. Dr. Jamieson is very diligent in his work and took all the time he needed to find exactly what it was that was causing my pain. Through muscle testing he was able to find out what was out of place in my neck and back, so he was able to fix them. The entire process was fascinating and it really worked.


It was very exciting and a relief to see such a quick change in the pain that I was experiencing. I plan on continuing my visits through the remainder of my pregnancy and thereafter. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Jamieson to anyone; he is wonderful at what he does.

Corrin P.


I finally found relief from my migraines and allergies…

For many years I have suffered from migraine headaches. My situation was so bad, that the headaches would actually incapacitate me for a few hours a day. … Despite my serious concerns and the fact that my wife was trying to get me to see a chiropractor, I resisted any help. 

I finally met a chiropractor with whom I felt comfortable.  Dr. Jamieson from the Jamieson Health Center helped me and relieved my headaches.  After my chiropractic treatments, I no longer get the migraines. I can now function again all day and take care of my customers without having to worry about the headaches. Moreover, I have also noticed other benefits.  I used to be affected by seasonal allergies and they have not been bothering me after the chiropractic treatments.  Also, I used to be allergic to certain foods such as melons and strawberries. Now, I can enjoy them without any problems.

Dave K.


Whiplash from my car accident … Now I can smell again too!

After I got into my car accident (my car was rear-ended), I was in constant pain from my neck down to my tailbone. I couldn't work for a whole month and even doing simple things like household chores was difficult. I couldn't sit too long, stand too long, or lay down too long (which made sleeping tough) without being in too much pain.

But now, after treatment, I am up to the same pace of activities as I was before and I am working almost the same hours. Now, the only time I feel pain is when I over-stress myself. Dr. Jamieson has done an amazing job.

In fact, he even corrected a childhood injury. I had gotten hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat in 2nd grade and since then, I had lost my sense of smell almost completely. Now I can smell very well and I love it.

Thank you Dr. Jamieson. You are the best!

Tiffany S.


No more pain from osteoporosis and arthritis…

The chiropractic care from Dr. Samuel R. Jamieson has been most rewarding. 

At the age of 75 I’d learned to accept pain from osteoporosis in my lower lumbar spine and arthritis in my left hip, both confirmed by my physician. I have always exercised regularly by walking, swimming and doing floor exercises. 

Sleeping on my back was impossible for any length of time and excessive pain made it so that I could hardly walk.  My solution was not to sleep on my back, which caused the pain to subside, but I still felt weakness and pain when standing or walking too long or sitting more than a couple of hours.  I was also conscious of my hip, which caused weakness and pain when stepping down, and I feared that I would fall.

As I stated at the beginning of this testimonial, after three months of chiropractic care from Dr. Samuel Jamieson, I am able to sleep on my back again and do my daily activities pain free.

Minnie G.


Daily medication for headaches? Not anymore!

Thanks to Dr. Jamieson, I now have the energy and strength to keep up with my two small children and busy life.  I used to have excruciating headaches 24 hours a day which sapped me of all energy.  I’ll never forget the relief I experienced after my first visit to Dr. Jamieson.  To not rely on daily pain medication is wonderful!

Kathryn K.


Enjoying more flexibility…

After nearly forty years of sitting at a desk, usually in front of a computer, I hadn’t realized how stiff and inflexible my neck and spine had become. After treatment, my neck is flexible and my head can rotate much, much more. I have less back pain and much fewer back aches. Even my arthritic hip joints have improved. Thank you Dr. Jamieson!

Teresa S.


Finally back to work, and without pills!

Meeting Dr. Jamieson was the best thing that ever happened to me. Before seeing him, I was seeing an M.D. It seemed that I was not getting better, because he gave me nothing but pills. After seeing Dr. Jamieson, I returned back to work! I would like to take this time to say “Thank you, Dr. Jamieson, for your magic hands. You are the best.”

Charles G.










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