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Your first visit.






Your first visit


At our clinic, you can either start your care with an integrative and nutritional evaluation OR a baseline qEEG brain map to assess your brain function.


If you or your child are suffering from anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism or other emotional, learning and stress related issues or if you are looking for peak performance, the best way to start is an assessment of your brain function with a qEEG brain map.


Patients with predominantly physical and/or physiological issues will start with an integrative and nutritional evaluation.


We investigate the underlying causes of your condition.

Whichever path you choose, during your initial visit, we will explain to you our integrative approach and discuss the 3 interferences to health. We will investigate the different underlying causes of your condition, be it structural, biochemical (malnutrition & toxins), and/or emotional triggers.


On your first visit, you will receive:


For Integrative Chiropractic Care – An integrative & nutritional evaluation:

·         An in-depth consultation

Every patient will receive a detailed consultation, where we take the time to understand your specific issues and your entire history, lifestyle, and habits.


·         An integrative and nutritional evaluation

During the evaluation, Dr. Jamieson uses a combination of chiropractic, kinesiologic and instrument analysis to investigate the underlying causes of your condition. He will explain to you what he finds and if needed, he will recommend changes in your diet and/or lifestyle.

In some cases, Dr. Jamieson may recommend additional laboratory tests.


Your first visit takes 105 min and costs $225*.


On your second visit, he will start treating you and if needed, he will prescribe nutritional supplements.

We carry many excellent brands of supplements. We prefer supplements made from whole foods but also have nutraceuticals.

Dr. Jamieson will be able to define the exact supplements that are best suited to help your underlying issues. We don’t believe in a “cookie cutter” or “shot gun” approach.


Based on how you respond during your first treatment, Dr. Jamieson will create a custom designed clinical protocol specifically for you. He will share this with you on your next visit.




For Advanced Neurofeedback – qEEG brain map:

·         An in-depth consultation

Every patient will receive a detailed consultation, where we take the time to understand your specific issues and your entire history, lifestyle, and habits.


·         A baseline qEEG brain map

On your first visit, we will collect EEG data of your brain by using an electro cap. Please note that we need to put electro gel on your head, which will mess up your hair. Best not to book an important appointment after this procedure.

After you leave, we will upload your EEG data to a normative qEEG database. We will analyze the resulting qEEG brain map report for the purpose of understanding your underlying causes and defining your neurofeedback protocols.


On your second visit, we will discuss what we find on the qEEG brain map report and recommend a custom designed clinical protocol specifically for you.


Your first visit takes 90 min and the second visit discussing the report takes 60 min.

A qEEG brain map costs $495** (a 50% discount), which includes the first and second visits, assessments, analysis and your copy of the report.



Complete our New Patient Intake Forms at Home

After you schedule your first appointment, we will email you a confirmation of your appointment along with instructions on how to complete the intake forms in our online patient portal, as well as an attached pdf form that can be edited and saved with your history.


Please login to our system with your personal login and password (included in the email) and complete the necessary assessments at least 48 hours before your appointment. Complete and save the history pdf form and email it back to us at staffatjhc@sbcglobal.net at least 48 hours before your appointment.



Call us Today at 408-517-0706 to Set Up Your First Appointment!

When scheduling your first appointment, please be ready to provide your name, date of birth and email address.


Please specify whether you are calling for

·         Neurofeedback: Consultation and qEEG brain map


·         Integrative chiropractic care: integrative and nutritional evaluation


New patient visits are from 90 to 105 minutes in length.

Follow-up visits are 45 minutes and cost $105* for integrative care and $95 for neurofeedback **.


Our office maintains a 48-hour cancellation policy. Keep this in mind when scheduling your appointments. Otherwise a $40 fee will be charged.


*We take PPO insurances and will verify your benefits for chiropractic coverage.

**Some PPO insurances may cover part of the brain map and neurofeedback sessions. To verify benefits, see our Frequently Asked Questions under Advanced Neurofeedback.










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