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September 29, 2010

Volume 2, Number 8


Dear patients, dear friends,



We are excited to let you know that we have added a new breakthrough, cutting-edge therapy to our practice. It’s called Advanced Neurofeedback therapy.


We want to be able to help you faster and at a deeper level, especially patients with emotional, learning and stress related disorders.


You all know that our focus is holistic care. We believe that what you eat, how you feel and what you breathe affects your health. We also believe that all the systems in your body are connected and they are all controlled by your brain. We believe that when your brain works, your body responds.


Over the last several months, we have done our due diligence in selecting the most advanced and groundbreaking system in multi-sensory brainwave therapy. We spoke with several doctors in other states who can only report about the wonders and miracles happening in their practices.


That’s why we decided to invest in a Neurointegration system from Clear Mind Center. Their system is truly the most advanced in the market. It’s the only system that fully integrates qEEG brain mapping with photic stimulation and neurofeedback. It’s also the only system that can suppress and stimulate different areas of the brain at the same time on different hemispheres. We also have access to a clinical brain map database that allows us to generate qEEG reports in a matter of minutes.


Some of you may ask why you would choose our practice for neurofeedback therapy and not a psychologist or other therapist.

First, we are the only practice in the San Jose Bay Area and beyond to offer this type of Advanced Neurofeedback therapy.


Secondly, because conditions need to be treated holistically. Neurofeedback on its own is not as effective if patients don’t follow a healthy diet, nourish their brains with the right supplements and eliminate any foods that cause allergies and food sensitivities. For example gluten (found in grains), casein (found in milk) and sugar can cause severe inflammation in the brain. So can metabolic issues such as toxicity or yeast. Certain physiological issues can cause stress in the brain as well. Therefore only a holistic doctor can treat multiple stressors and maximize the success of neurofeedback therapy.


As an introductory offer, during the month of October 2010 we will give existing patients a complimentary qEEG brain map. We also offer 50% off Advanced Neurofeedback therapy with an additional 10% prepay discount. Some of you will be glad to know that certain health insurances may reimburse neurofeedback, so check with your insurance.


I encourage you to pick up one of our brochures in the office or check out our website for more information. And don’t forget, give us a call to set up your appointment for a complimentary qEEG brain map.


Yours in good health,

Dr. Samuel Jamieson, D.C.


Experience Advanced Neurofeedback.

Existing patients receive a complimentary qEEG brain map during October 2010.


A breakthrough in non-drug treatment of emotional, learning and stress related problems.

Chemical imbalances in your brain can lead to mood problems, anxiety, depression, ADD and a host of other ailments. Unfortunately most specialists treat complaints prescribing drugs without considering the brain as the source of both the ailment and its cure, and ignoring the damaging effects of the drugs on the brain.


With Advanced Neurofeedback, we are now able to measure the electrical activity in each of the different areas of your brain. This activity is measured in different frequencies called alpha, beta, delta and theta brainwaves. We can identify areas that are operating too fast or too slow and teach those areas how to normalize their activity.


For example, in some patients, anxiety is associated with a brain pattern of excessive beta brainwave activity. It is as if the brain is idling too fast and the patient finds it difficult to relax. Patients with this pattern usually have generalized anxiety, worry, ruminate excessively, and have difficulty turning off their minds and going to or staying asleep. Children with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder also show a similar high beta pattern. We can train the brain to dampen beta activity and symptoms will start to disappear.


Retraining abnormal brainwave patterns often eliminates or improves symptoms of the following disorders:


·          ADD/ADHD

·          Addictions

·          Anxiety

·          Autistic Spectrum Disorders

·          Depression

·          Chronic Fatigue

·          Fibromyalgia

·          Head injuries

·          Memory loss

·          Migraines

·          OCD

·          Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

·          Sleep disorders

·          Stroke complications


What is Advanced Neurofeedback?

Advanced Neurofeedback, also called Neurointegration is the newest groundbreaking approach in multi-sensory brainwave therapy. It uses a unique and state-of-the-art combination of qEEG brain mapping, photic stimulation and neurofeeback which are totally integrated into one therapy.


·          qEEG brain mapping allows us to “look” inside your brain and identify areas that are functioning too fast or too slow and find those areas that are responsible for some of your symptoms and ailments you live with every day. This knowledge helps us to pinpoint what areas of your brain need training.

·          Photic stimulation uses colored glasses flashing at a specific frequency. It is a powerful technique for encouraging your brain to produce specific frequencies, through the well documented entrainment process.

·          Neurointegration uses photic stimulation with EEG neurofeedback therapy, leading the brain into the proper balanced state. It offers individual therapy totally customized for your condition. For example it can suppress an area of your brain that works too fast and at the same time stimulate another area that is too slow, as indicated on your brain map.


We need to exercise our brain.

Most people think of exercising their body; however, few understand the need to exercise their brain. Just as lifting weights can produce bigger biceps, training your brain into normal patterns can improve your emotional and physical health. Imagine a brain workout center with a personal trainer that guides your brain into working more efficiently and improving the way you feel.


Properly balanced brain rhythms result in optimal brainwave patterns. Our emotions are a reflection of the rhythms in our brains: excess beta can produce anxiety, too much frontal alpha could result in depression, or elevated theta could produce ADD. Training your brainwaves into efficient patterns allows your central nervous system to learn how to self-regulate, directing it away from debilitating, painful, destructive disorders, into effortless processing and optimal functioning.


How does neurofeedback work?

Neurofeedback therapy works through a mechanism known as operant conditioning.

·          When a part of your brain is operating at an abnormal frequency (too fast or too slow), the brain can learn to normalize the activity of that area. The brain is a learning machine.

·          If you tell your brain what it needs to do to be normal and give it a reward for doing it, it can learn to make less of the abnormal activity and more of the normal activity.

·          As your brain gets better at making the normal activity, the threshold for getting a reward is raised. Eventually your brain gets so good at making the normal activity that it no longer needs the feedback, and is able to make the normal activity whenever it is required.

·          The healthy changes are permanent since your brain creates new plasticity by reorganizing its functional neurological pathways.


For more information about Advanced Neurofeedback and the conditions mentioned above, call our office at 408-517-0706 or visit our website at www.jamiesonhealthcenter.com/neurofeedback.htm .

Clinical studies for Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Several clinical studies have been conducted with ASD children and qEEG assessment-guided Neurofeedback with great results. We recommend you read “Connectivity-Guided Neurofeedback for Autistic Spectrum Disorders”, a paper by Robert Coben, PhD.


In his studies, Dr. Coben shows the effectiveness of qEEG assessment-guided Neurofeedback in comparison to other biomedical ASD treatments:













Vitamin B6 with Magnesium


Digestive Enzymes


Intravenous Secretin


Gluten-/Casein-Free Diet




qEEG guided Neurofeedback



Note: All benefit to harm ratios listed are from Rimland, Autism Research Institute, based on 2005 parent ratings of biomedical interventions; Neurofeedback ratio is from Dr. Robert Coben, 2007.


Patients share their experience with Advanced Neurofeedback.


A bright future for a creative child.

I brought my son Oliver in for Neurointegration therapy after being referred by a school psychologist. Oliver has always been a wild child – overactive, inattentive, and difficult to control. But it wasn’t until he turned 13 that those traits got him into serious trouble at school.

He was never bad, just ‘disruptive’.  I feared that he would begin to get into more trouble as he grew older. We tried several medications for ADHD and while his fidgeting ceased, he also grew introverted, irritable, had no appetite, and was unable to sleep. After just a few Neurointegration sessions, Oliver was more calm, focused, and enjoyable to be around. Other people began to notice Oliver’s brilliance and creativity. Oliver really enjoyed the therapy too – a rare thing! Neurointegration therapy calmed his worn-out nervous system and gave his racy mind a break. I’ve never seen him so engaged before. This has been the gift of life.”

Mother of Oliver Reese


How I resolved troubling issues, ragged relations and bad habits.

“My life was out of control and I could barely function – even with simple tasks. I was constantly reaching for something to make me feel better – coffee, food, alcohol and pills. After every binge I would promise myself it was the last time, but instead I found myself ‘quitting’ my self-destructive habits every week. My mood swings were becoming noticeable to others. The highs were short-lived and the lows seemed to last forever, leaving me feeling hopeless, depressed and anxious. I had a constant, unexplainable underlying tension, putting me on perpetual edge. During my first Neurointegration session my body felt calm and I was able to release deep unconscious material that had been haunting me for years. As my session progressed, I found myself less reactive, the constant ruminations had finally stopped, and I felt more grounded in my body. This new space allowed me to step away from destructive looping patterns that had once dominated my life and gave me the ability to create a new, happier and healthy way of being.”

Susan Malon


We hope you also watch some videos of patient stories on the Clear Mind Center website:


·          A 9 year old girl recovers from ADD

·          A wife tells the story of how her husband James recovers from a stroke

·          BiJon, a successful business man, recovers from depression and anger

·          Lorie recovers from panic attacks and anxiety

·          Marty recovers from chronic fatigue, insomnia and depression


For more information about Advanced Neurofeedback, call our office at 408-517-0706 or visit our website at www.jamiesonhealthcenter.com.



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Seminars we’ve taken.

Since I want to make a difference in your lives and that of your children, I’m constantly trying to keep up with the latest developments in healing practices and new discoveries in the area of alternative holistic medicine. To that end, I have attended the following seminars and conferences over the last several months:

·          NeuroIntegration therapy– Level 2 training

·          International College of Applied Kinesiology Annual Meeting 2010

·          Functional Endocrinology

·          Doctor of the Future – The Practice of Rational Intervention

·          NeuroEndocrine-Immune Axis of Andropause

·          Metabolic Biotransformation: an overview of detoxification and weight management

·          Restoring Gastrointestinal Health

·          Practical Blood Chemistry

·          Functional Neurology for the Primary Care Provider

·          Neurotransmitters and Brain

·          Applied Brain Concepts

·          The Thyroid-Brain–Immuno Connection

·          Restorative Endocrinology: Balancing Female Hormones in Menopausal Women

·          Restorative Endocrinology: Balancing Hormones in Cycling Women

·          The Impacts of Estrogen on the NeuroEndocrine-Immune Axis

·          Restorative Endocrinology: Balancing Male Hormones

·          Advanced Nutrition Therapeutics for Addictions and OCD


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