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July 3, 2013

Volume 2, Number 5


Dear friends and patients,


Iím concerned. Iím concerned that some of you are still drinking soda every day. Iím concerned that some of you are indulging in too many sweets. Sugar is a deadly poison and some of you are still not taking this seriously.


Granted, drinking that daily soda or eating that daily candy doesnít cause an immediate or acute illness. On the contrary, it may make you emotionally feel so much better. However, what you are ignoring is the chronic damage to your entire system.


Sugar promotes continuous food consumption and it is the cause of your obesity. Itís the cause of your hypertension and high blood pressure which can lead to cardiovascular disease. It causes fatty liver, insulin resistance, cancer and neurological diseases like dementia, Parkinsonís and Alzheimerís.


And itís not just table sugar (sucrose). Itís also High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Biochemistry-wise they are the same. They are made of one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose.


Glucose is a good carb, itís the energy your body needs to function. Fructose sounds natural, however when consumed by itself, itís a poison. Itís a toxin that needs to be metabolized and detoxified by the liver. And in the process, a lot of bad waste and by-products are created that cause chronic illness and are deadly for you.


I encourage you to watch a video from Robert H. Lustig, M.D. from UCSFísDivision of Endocrinology and Metabolism in which he proves that todayís health issues and obesity are not caused by the fat in our diet but by the sugar and HFCS.


HFCS is very cheap and it has found its way into our entire food supply. So please check the labels on the food and do not buy or consume foods with HFCS or sugar. Itís literally in everything from cereal to bread to meat to medication, etc. Do you know itís also in baby formula? So why do you think studies show that today we have an epidemic of obese 6 month olds? Itís not the fat, itís the sugar!


Unfortunately, for some of you, your body has reached a state of high cholesterol or insulin resistance. Quitting sugar is an absolute must, but you need professional help to heal and stop the deadly cycle. I hope you give me a call to discuss your options.



Yours in good health,

Dr. Samuel Jamieson, D.C.


Sugar Ö. The bitter truth.


Sugar and HFCS Ė creating a perfect but deadly vicious cycle.

1.     Table sugar(sucrose) and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) are biochemistry-wise the same. They are made of one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose.


2.     Glucose is a good carbohydrate. Itís the energy your brain, muscles and organs use to function. Fructose sounds natural, however when consumed by itself (such as in orange juice), itís a poison. God designed fructose in combination with its antidote fiber, and only consumed in its natural form as a whole fruit is it healthy for you.


3.     Fructose is bad. Whenever you consume foods or drinks that contain fructose, sucrose or HFCS, the fructose needs to be metabolized and detoxified by the liver. Itís just like alcohol, but without the buzz.


4.     During this metabolic process, there are many waste and by-products created like cholesterol, fats, insulin and uric acid that are deadly for you. They cause chronic diseases like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, insulin resistance, Type 2 Diabetes but also cancer and neurological diseases like Parkinsonís and Alzheimerís. Here are the by-products:

          Uric acid:

o    causes gout, a very painful disease destroying the joints

o    stalls the blood flow in the arteries causing stroke and high blood pressure which can lead to heart disease

          Citrate and fat storing enzymes

o    creating lots of VLDLs (cholesterol) storing them as fat


o    creating more fat

o    causing insulin resistance, which creates more insulin

o    leads to Type 2 diabetes, cancer and neurological disorders

          Enzymes that down-regulate the insulin receptors in the liver

o    causing liver insulin resistance, creating more insulin making more fat


5.     Insulin is a very destructive hormone and the more insulin your cells are exposed to:

o    the more prone to cancer and neurological diseases you become,

o    the less your brain can recognize the hormone leptin which is supposed to tell the brain that youíve had enough to eat.

Therefore you never feel full, continue to eat and become obese. And worst, you continue to crave and eat the same foods containing sugar and HFCS, which starts the metabolic process all over again. And here we have a perfect but deadly vicious circle.


So itís not the fat, itís the sugar.

We are all heavier and we eat more than 20 years ago. In the US, studies show that teen boys consume 275 more calories per day, adults males 187 and adult females 335 calories more per day.


Where do those calories come from? In 1982, the American Heart Association, US Department of Agriculture and the American Medical Association admonished us to reduce our fat intake from 40 to 30 percent. Today we are eating less fat but at the same time obesity rates and rates of cardiovascular disease and stroke have gone up dramatically. So it canít be the fat.


The content of home cooked food can be controlled. However, the content of low-fat processed food canít.

As processed foods contained less fat, consumer goods companies had to add sugar to enhance the taste. Since HFCS is sweeter and much cheaper than table sugar, it has found its way in almost all processed foods. Studies show that the additional calories are in the carbohydrates i.e. sugar and HFCS, not in the fat.


In 1982, the intent was to create a non-fat diet, but from the metabolic process explained above, we need to realize that a high-fat diet was created instead. Lots of HFCS and sugar makes lots of fat and insulin in the liver, and it chronically affects our entire system. Until we understand this, we will keep pointing the finger at fat.


For more information about insulin resistance, obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension, call our office at 408-517-0706 or visit our website at www.jamiesonhealthcenter.com.

Fructose statistics.


History of fructose consumption:

          Natural fructose intake from fruits and vegetables is 15g/day

          Prior to WW2: 16-24 g/day

          1970-1988: 37g/day, 8% of total calorie intake (TCI) (In 1975 HFCS was introduced in food supply)

          1994: 54.7 g/dayĖ 10.2% of TCI

          Todayís adolescents: 72.8 g/day which is 12.1% of TCI

          Nowadays each one of us consumes 63 lbs of HFCS per year.


Studies show that the consumption of soft drinks has increased 41%, and fruit drinks 35%.


Yearly fat gain from drinking one coke a day:

          1915: 6.5 oz bottle a day causes 8 lb of fat

          1955: 10 oz bottle a day causes 13 lb of fat

          1960: 12oz can a day causes 16 lb of fat

          1988: 44oz thirst buster causes 57 lb of fat

          1992: 20 oz bottle causes 26 lb of fat


Craving sweets is often triggered by your emotions. NET and herbs can help.

Getting rid of sweets and soda is not easy. Most patients drink soda or eat sweets because it makes them feel better. They say it seems to make them happier. In many cases, the sweet cravings are caused by stress and/or your emotions.


It is therefore very important to identify why you eat sweets or drink soda and why you develop the cravings. How do you feel when you feel the urge to consume sweets? What feelings surface? What situations occur? What circumstances are you facing? For example, are you angry or frustrated?


Once you know which feelings or circumstances cause those cravings, the next step would be to try to avoid those circumstances or change your reaction to them. Once you recognize the feelings, you could try and change your physiology by going for a walk or a hike for example, and taking a bottle of water with you. You could go on a prayer walk and ask God to heal you from the feelings that cause your cravings. You could call a friend instead and talk to him or her about whatís going on.


Also, for some of you, quitting sugar is an absolute must, but it is not enough to reverse the effects of high cholesterol and insulin on your body. You need professional help.


In my practice, I use Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) along with supplements and herbs to help my patients cope with their sugar cravings and metabolism. NET can reset the neurological and physiological responses of certain emotions. Supplements such as Inositol, Gymnenaand Cataplex GTF help the body cope with the sugar cravings and sugar metabolism. So I want you to know that I can help you overcome some of those difficult habits, reverse insulin resistance and high cholesterol.


For more information about sugar cravings, insulin resistance, diabetes, diet, NET and our holistic treatments, call our office at 408-517-0706 or visit our website at www.jamiesonhealthcenter.com.



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