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Functional Neurofeedback

Holistic Brain Training Solutions

for Optimal Long-lasting Brain Function

in Fewer Sessions






Meet Hilde Jamieson-Ghesquière

Functional Neurofeedback Practice Director in San Jose, CA


Hilde Jamieson has a passion for helping adults and children lead healthier, better quality lives, by addressing the needs of body, heart, mind and spirit. She heads the Advanced Functional Neurofeedback Practice at the Jamieson Health Center and is one of the leading qEEG neurofeedback practitioners in the country. She is excited about educating the broader community about integrative holistic health and qEEG Neurofeedback brain training. She is sought after by other practitioners for advice and is actively sharing her knowledge and experience in functional nutrition, functional neurofeedback brain training and qEEG brain map analysis with others throughout the country.


Hilde has studied under and was mentored by Dr. Richard Soutar since 2010, one of the few pioneers in the field of neurofeedback with over 40 years of experience. Dr. Soutar is a former professor in psychology and sociology and has published multiple books on the topic of Functional Neurofeedback. He leads a neurofeedback clinic in Atlanta, Georgia, where he offers the latest techniques and technology in the field, combined in a manner that only leading pioneers in the field of neurofeedback are capable of doing. He is actively sharing his knowledge, experience and the latest research with other practitioners such as Hilde.  Through this mentorship, Hilde is ensuring that all neurofeedback technology and brain training protocols used at the Jamieson Health Center are extensively tested and safe, and are based on the latest research and development.


Hilde has been working alongside Dr. Jamieson since 2007. She is an Applied Clinical Nutritionist and understands that the functional interaction of your lifestyle, diet, environment, behavior, and social environment with the cells in your body greatly determines your health outcomes. That’s why she spends much time with her patients to identify the root causes of their issues.


Her practice offers qEEG brain mapping, qEEG Neurofeedback brain training, brain entrainment, alpha-theta training, multi-variate-coherence training, bipolar montages to adults and children with chronic emotional, learning and stress related disorders. Research shows that this amazing way of brain training has proven itself effective with disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), amongst others.


However, everyone can benefit from Functional Neurofeedback. Brain training optimizes your brain function, no matter where you start. You feel better cognitively, emotionally, behaviorally, and also physically. You can handle stress better. You sleep better. You are more effective. You have more joy.


We also offer high performance training and can help you become a peak performer in your career of business, music or sports. After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to function at their optimal level?


Hilde’s goal is to help her patients achieve their own goals as fast as possible by:

1)    Using a qEEG brain map to identify any imbalances in your brain and taking the time to discover any underlying metabolic, physiological or psycho-social root causes.


2)    Creating a custom designed training plan specifically for you including:

·         a combination of qEEG Neurofeedback brain training, brain entrainment and/or alpha-theta training to optimize your brain function

·         addressing any underlying metabolic and physiological root causes with diet, exercise, sleep, lifestyle, nutritional supplements -  in partnership with Dr. Jamieson

·         addressing any underlying psycho-social causes


Hilde is a consultant by nature and is very attuned to the process of assessing a situation, establishing a baseline, understanding your goals, defining a plan of action, and executing and managing this plan so you can meet your goals. She has adopted this consultative approach to neurofeedback and created the Advanced Neurofeedback integrative healing process in 2010.


Hilde and her husband Sam have two amazing children, a daughter and a son. To ensure optimal health in her own life and that of her family, she prepares home cooked meals daily. She has adopted a gluten, casein, and sugar/starch free lifestyle and enjoys Paleo cooking. Her meals are rich in proteins, healthy fats and vegetables. You can try some of her favorite paleo style recipes listed on our website.


Integrating body, heart, mind and spirit, Hilde tries to spend daily time in prayer. This gives her balance, strength, peace, joy, patience and compassion to be able to help her patients and lead her family with love. Hilde likes to be creative. She expresses herself in the arts through oil painting, gardening and cooking. Come and enjoy some of her paintings at our practice.


Hilde is a native of Belgium and has a master’s degree from the Catholic University of Leuven. She lived and worked in Germany for 10 years before moving to the US. She speaks Flemish, Dutch, English, German and French. After 20 successful years as a senior managing consulting director and various consulting and senior management positions at Hewlett Packard, Hilde began to look for a more fulfilling way to help other people live healthier and successful lives, leveraging her experience with technology and her passion to help others. With Advanced Functional Neurofeedback, she has found the perfect way to transition her skills to help others with their physiological, psychological and spiritual needs.


Visit our website for more information about Advanced Neurofeedback and qEEG brain mapping. Read our newsletters and patient testimonials to better understand the power of integrative and holistic health.





Disclaimer: A qEEG brain map is not intended for clinical diagnosis, but for the purpose of clinical practice of qEEG neurofeedback. A nutritional evaluation is not a substitute for an official clinical diagnosis, rather it is intended for the development of nutritional protocols.



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