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Advanced Neurofeedback

Faster Results in Fewer Sessions






Our integrative healing process


We use an integrative holistic approach and a simple 4 step process to help heal your body & your brain.


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*        Step 1 – Evaluate your brain with a qEEG brain map

A qEEG brain map provides the most accurate assessment of your brain function and how your brain affects your cognitive, emotional, social function & behavior. It allows us to “look inside” your brain and identify any areas of instability, over-stimulation and under-arousal which may lead to dysfunction, disease and pain.


There are 4 steps involved in a qEEG brain map.


·         We establish a symptomatic baseline with online assessments prior to your first visit

·         We obtain a detailed history & collect EEG data on your first visit

·         We upload your EEG data to a normative database and analyze your qEEG brain map report after you go home

·         We explain the underlying causes found on your qEEG brain map and discuss your custom designed clinical protocol on your next visit


Learn more about what’s involved in your qEEG brain map here or click “qEEG brain mapping” on the left menu.


*        Step 2 – If needed, fix your body & address metabolic issues affecting your brain


The qEEG brain map will also identify if any metabolic or physiological issues negatively affect your brain.  Food sensitivities, blood sugar imbalances, toxins, viral, bacterial and fungal infections can cause havoc and inflammation in the brain and inhibit the effectiveness of neurofeedback.


We may suggest an additional nutritional evaluation to understand the causes of your metabolic issues and to create a custom designed nutritional protocol. We may recommend dietary changes and nutritional supplements to provide your brain with the right “fuel” so you can achieve your goals in fewer neurofeedback sessions.


*        Step 3 – Optimize your brain with brain training & manage progress


Brain training with qEEG neurofeedback and brain entrainment will be started as soon as possible, even while working on metabolic issues. We recommend sessions twice per week with at least two days in between. Schedules are Mondays-Thursdays, Mondays-Fridays or Tuesdays-Fridays. Sessions last 45 minutes.


We manage progress as follows:


·         We ask you how you are doing before we start the training


·         We monitor your sessions while you train to ensure that you are achieving the desired results in every session. Meters with different metrics show us how you are training in real time. This allows us to optimize your training protocol during your session. It also allows us to compare with previous sessions and manage progress.


·         We offer unlimited free cognitive performance tests as an objective measure to track progress.

NFB session monitor.jpg

Depending on your issues, we may recommend computerized tests to measure your attention, short term memory, working memory, auditory working memory, sequential memory, list acquisition, filtering, episodic memory, executive function and spatial sorting. Tests are compared with a baseline test before treatments.


·         We also use a personal symptomatic progress tracker on a weekly basis to manage your progress.


*        Step 4 – Re-evaluate your brain with a post-treatment qEEG brain map


When symptoms have changed and the latest after the last session, we will collect a new sample of EEG data and create a post qEEG brain map and report. Analyzing pre and post qEEG maps and your pre and post symptomatic assessments, we will provide you with a brain map comparison report to show you the changes in your brain and the results of your efforts. We will re-evaluate your goals and if needed, recommend any additional treatments.



What to expect


Advanced Neurofeedback, integrating qEEG brain mapping, qEEG neurofeedback, brain entrainment and nutritional support, will help you to:


·         Be healthier

·         Have more energy

·         Improve your emotional balance

·         Reduce headaches

·         Sleep better

·         Get rid of chronic pain

·         Address OCD and anxiety

·         Improve focus and attention

·         Rejuvenate your memory

·         Stop depression

·         Stop rumination

·         Curtail autism and ADD/ADHD

·         Stop impulsivity



JK’s story.

“After one month of Neurofeedback, I noticed a dramatic improvement. Instead of my normal pattern of self-blame and anxiety, I found myself focusing on specific things I could do to proactively manage difficult situations. There was NO anxiety. The change in me is profound because something unwanted is just gone.”






Disclaimer: A qEEG brain map is not intended for clinical diagnosis, but for the purpose of clinical practice of qEEG neurofeedback. A nutritional evaluation is not a substitute for an official clinical diagnosis, rather it is intended for the development of nutritional protocols.


















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