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Advanced Neurofeedback

Improve symptoms &

increase quality of life

with holistic brain training solutions

for children on the spectrum





Advanced Neurofeedback for

Autistic Spectrum Disorders.


Levi’s story

Levi is a 7-year old boy, who was diagnosed with autism at age 3. He had been in multiple therapies ever since. He struggled with focus and attention, was impulsive and socially inappropriate. He wasn’t socially interacting and didn’t make eye contact. He frequently got anxious. However, his main issue was speech. He had been in speech therapy for several years, but he remained incomprehensible. His speech therapist referred him to our practice. He was also addicted to bread, pasta, rice and noodles. When he was 6 years old, he participated in a clinical trial at Stanford Children’s Hospital, but he had to stop the trial due to severe side effects.



What we found

After obtaining a detailed history from his parents and discussing Levi’s physiological, cognitive and emotional assessments, we investigated the underlying causes of Levi’s symptoms with a qEEG brain map. After collecting his EEG data and analyzing the qEEG report, we found features of a child with ADHD but not autism. Besides underlying physiological anxiety, his main issue was very severe inflammation. Inflammation affects the myelin (the protective coating covering the nerves) which slows down the brain and creates brain fog. With an additional nutritional evaluation, we were able to identify that Levi had food sensitivities, which were a major cause of the inflammation. He was sensitive to gluten (wheat and other grains), casein (milk) and zein (corn). He also had blood sugar imbalances affecting not only his pancreas, but also his brain. In addition, several primitive reflexes were not integrated.



How we treat

We created a custom designed clinical protocol specifically for Levi. This included 40 sessions of qEEG neurofeedback and brain entrainment, twice per week. We educated the family on how to change their diet. They were very committed and they started baking almond flour bread and changed the diet of the entire family the following weekend. We integrated some of the primitive reflexes. We also gave him supplements to further balance his blood sugar, dampen the inflammation and boost his brain function. His treatments were monitored and fine tuned with monthly follow-up nutritional appointments and to do more primitive reflex work. Using a personalized progress tracker and cognitive performance tests, we monitored and managed his overall progress. When we compared a post-treatment qEEG brain map with the baseline map, we found amazing changes. His inflammation and slow wave activity had decreased by more than 80%, correlating with great overall improvements in behavior, emotional and social health, speech and academic performance.



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Levi’s Story

“My son has been diagnosed with autism at age 3. We have tried every type of therapy: ABA, OT, physical and speech. Despite the years of therapy, his speech hasn’t improved very much at all. Our son seemed absent and he could be impulsive and socially inappropriate. He struggled with sustained attention and gets in trouble at school. Our speech therapist referred us to the Jamieson Health Center.


After the initial assessment and brain map, we knew so much more about our son. It finally started to make sense. After changing our diet, supplements and 2 neurofeedback sessions, we saw improvement in his speech. After 3 sessions, his teachers were noticing a difference in his focus and attention. It was like a miracle! Now, he has been at his second summer camp. He has friends and shows empathy. He can play ball games and is not afraid. He is not obsessed with certain things anymore. And we can understand everything he says now. He is even using difficult words!  His reading comprehension is much better and I could go on and on. We are so thankful to have found the Jamieson Health Center.”

Neurofeedback should play a major therapeutic role in many difficult areas. In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy it would be universally accepted and widely used. It is a field to be taken seriously by all.”

- Frank Duffy, MD, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School


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Disclaimer: A qEEG brain map is not intended for clinical diagnosis, but for the purpose of clinical practice of qEEG neurofeedback. A nutritional evaluation is not a substitute for an official clinical diagnosis, rather it is intended for the development of nutritional protocols.


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