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Integrative Care for

Optimal Digestion and Gut Function.



Do you frequently suffer from acid reflux and indigestion? Do you have problems digesting fatty foods or proteins? Do you frequently experience an upset stomach or heartburn? Do you have trouble digesting protein? Do you frequently have pain below the right rib cage? Are you concerned that you may get gallstones? Have you been diagnosed with GERD? Do you take antacids? Do you experience frequent bloating, gas or irregular stools?


Kirsten’s Story.

I was suffering from acid reflux and indigestion. I couldn’t eat a steak without bad reflux. I also had to eat smaller portions or I would get acid reflux. I decided to see Dr. Jamieson and he determined that I had a hiatal hernia. He fixed it in two visits and after the second treatment I was able to eat an entire steak without any acid reflux and I no longer had to use portion control. I also noticed I was sleeping much better.


Jane’s Story.

While at a debate competition, I started to get intense pain in my abdomen and had to be taken to the hospital, where I stayed for two days. The doctors said it was a gallbladder attack and pancreatitis and they wanted to remove my gallbladder but I decided against it. On the way home from the hospital, I stopped at Dr. Jamieson’s clinic in my pj’s, where he treated me. He performed some chiropractic adjustments to get the gallbladder neurologically functioning better. He gave me some nutritional supplements to support the gallbladder function and explained to me how my diet was affecting my gallbladder. I left that first treatment energized and feeling much better. I followed his advice and changed my diet and still have my gallbladder today. I have not experienced any attacks for the last three years.


Jacqueline’s Story.

I brought my daughter Jacqueline (age 13) to see Dr. Jamieson for nausea. She felt like she continually had to vomit but never did. Our MD did not know what she had, so I was desperate for help. Dr. Jamieson found that she had a hiatal hernia and fixed it on the first visit. She had been under a lot of stress with school and a play in which she had a big part, which he thought contributed to the hiatal hernia. After that first treatment, her nausea and hiatal hernia were gone and she was feeling fine.



Combining functional medicine and applied kinesiology, we can help you with integrative treatments for optimal digestion and gut function. Many issues can cause the above symptoms: hiatal hernia, issues with your ileocecal valve, stomach, gallbladder or liver issues, parasites, viruses or candida, stress, hormonal imbalances etc.


The first step is to figure out the causes so then we can determine how best to help you.

Call us today at 408-517-0706 to set up your 75 minute consultation and exam with Dr. Jamieson.


No Need for Antacids to Improve Digestion.

Over-the-counter and prescription medications to treat heartburn, GERD, and other forms of indigestion are among the top selling drugs today. Contrary to what we’ve been led to believe, Dr. Jamieson finds that these conditions have little to do with eating acidic foods.


The biggest factor in indigestion is not too much stomach acid, but actually too little. While this may seem illogical, it’s important to understand how the stomach works. After sufficient chewing in the mouth, the major breakdown of food starts in the stomach. Specifically, protein triggers the release of hydrochloric acid, or HCl in the stomach. HCl is a very strong acid and is supposed to start breaking foods down so they can be passed along into the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed.


When HCl isn’t strong enough, or there’s not enough of it, food stays in the stomach longer than it should. Proteins putrefy, carbohydrates start to ferment, and this is what produces bloating, discomfort, and the gas and acid that “refluxes” back into the esophagus.


So acid-reducing drugs are simply band-aids. They do nothing to address the underlying causes. In fact, by merely suppressing the symptoms, they make things worse and lay the groundwork for slow-growing, long-term health complications.


Your Bile is the CEO of your Digestion.

Many people don’t know that your bile is in charge of your overall digestion and proper gut function. The gallbladder is a sack connected to the liver, storing bile that is made by the liver. When you eat fats, your gallbladder expels some bile into your small intestine to emulsify or break down the fat so it can be digested. The more fat in a meal you eat, the more bile that is released. If the bile doesn’t flow, you don’t feel good after a fatty meal and experience indigestion.


When the gallbladder or the liver doesn’t function properly, the bile is not flowing into the intestine. If this happens, your gut is not working optimally leading to:


·     Digestive issues

·     Poor absorption of minerals from the foods you eat

·     Constipation, since the bile coats the intestines and keeps you regular

·     Poor brain function and neurological issues such as depression, since the gut also impacts the brain.


Why Removing your Gallbladder is NOT such a Good Idea.

Most people know that stress negatively affects the gallbladder and the liver. However, people who don’t eat very many fats or protein don’t secrete much bile, since there is no need for the bile to flow. If bile doesn’t flow, it starts to thicken and gallstones may develop. This causes a lot of discomfort in the lower abdomen and may lead to a gallbladder attack. Due to excruciating pain, most people decide to go to the emergency room. Once there, the standard course of action is to have the gallbladder removed immediately, although natural ways exist to get the bile to flow and the gallstones to flush.


Patients without a gallbladder tend to have more difficulty digesting fatty foods and absorbing nutrients from their food. The liver still makes bile, but dumps it into the small intestine as it makes it. When someone eats a large quantity of fats, there is no extra store of bile in the gallbladder to be released into the intestines to help digest the fats. Therefore, these people tend to suffer from indigestion and need supplements to help them digest their foods.


How can Acid Reflux, Indigestion and Poor Gut Function be Treated?

Dr. Jamieson uses Applied Kinesiology  and if needed, other saliva or blood tests to determine what exactly causes your digestive and gut issues. Once he figures out what the causes are, he can help you fix them using a combination of integrative chiropractic treatments, prescribing the right foods to eat, additional nutritional support to help digest your foods and heal your digestive tract, and reducing your stress.


 Dr. Jamieson will suggest the changes and treatments appropriate for your specific situation.


Call Today to Set Up Your Appointment.

At the Jamieson Health Center, we help so many people be healthier, enjoy life more and make a difference!

Call us today at 408-517-0706 to set up your consultation and exam, and do something good for yourself now!







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