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New Year, New You!

Lose Weight

Increase your Energy





Join our Group Detox Program*

Start on or before Jan 21  & enjoy a NEW YOU by Valentine’s


Make your New Year’s Resolutions a Success.

Change is difficult. However, when it comes to improving your brain and body health, shedding excess weight, boosting your mood and doing all you can to live longer and more vibrantly—change is necessary.


To be successful, you need the support of others. You need to find a group to help you change and where you can also help others. That’s why we created the 21-day Group Detox Program.


During this unique detoxification/weight loss program you will be under professional guidance and have access to weekly group support meetings, informational emails, and wonderful nutritional supplementation to support your body as it sheds weight, and eliminates toxins and waste.  The skills you learn during this program and the information you gain about your own body will last a lifetime. We will use Standard Process whole food products to promote gentle detoxification of your liver, kidneys, digestive system and entire body while you are losing the extra weight.



FREE Orientation Class on Tue Jan 17 at 6:30PM

Join our free orientation class on Tuesday January 17 at 6:30 PM to learn more about how this detoxification program works and what changes and benefits to expect. This event is free of charge and you are welcome to bring your family and friends. Please call Veronica at 408-517-0706 to reserve your seat, since seating is limited.



Register for Free Orientation Class on Tue Jan 17 – Seating is limited

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408-517-0706   Call us



I have been doing this program for several years now. Every time I do it, I feel a lot better. I have more energy, less overall pain and brain fog. I love to shed the extra pounds to get my ideal weight back. My skin and hair look a lot healthier & shinier. As a bonus, my periods are back on a 28 day schedule without the usual PMS symptoms & pain.”


Mike’ story

Dr. Jamieson recommended that I try a 21 day detox program/cleanse and strict diet to try and reduce the inflammation…. After 21 days on the program, I lost 15 lbs in weight, all signs of inflammation were gone, not just intestinal inflammation but arthritic pains in my shoulders and hands, which I had just put down to getting older. I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in 20 years, had no pains after eating and realized I had a lot more energy. I now have zero gall bladder or intestinal pains. I’m a lot more positive emotionally and I am able to think more clearly. I have more energy and willingness to exercise. And I achieved all of this without taking Pentasa and Remicade. Everybody commented on the weight reduction and the fact I looked a lot healthier.


Lynette’s story

I began my journey with the 21 day purification program that Dr. Jamieson recommended. I thought in my head…I will never be able to do this…I never had any will power in the past and I always would go back to my old ways after a week or two. However this time was different for me. I followed the plan and after 4 days on it, I noticed that my body did not ache anymore. I felt more energy and I felt happy and ready to take on the world….I have lost 23 pounds without counting calories or weighing my food. Loving it!!


Karen’s story

This program was a great catalyst to getting me on a healthy weight loss plan and healthy eating program.  I lost weight and felt good during the process, with increased energy levels.  I had suffered for over a year with chronic bacterial infections, which several types of antibiotics would not clear up.  Since going on the program I have had no reoccurrence of the problem.


Learn More Info

Not local? Not a problem. We do require a phone consultation to make sure this program is right for you. We will mail your detox kit to your home.

Call Veronica to set up your appointment at 408-517-0706.

Sign up Early - Detox with Family & Friends and Save!

This Group Detox program includes a product kit with a 21-day supply of supplements & powders, blender bottle, detailed instruction booklet, weekly group meetings, daily email with instructions & recipes, and a consultation for new patients.

Receive $50 OFF* before or on January 17.  Groups of 2 or more receive an extra $25 OFF per person.


Suggested start date is Sat Jan 21. 

You will enjoy a New You by Valentine’s Day.


Call Veronica at 408-517-0706 for more information.




Dr. Samuel R. & Hilde Jamieson .jpgAbout us.

Together, Dr. Samuel and Hilde Jamieson have over 25 years of experience in helping families live a healthier, quality life by building a better brain & a better body. They investigate the underlying causes of your condition and create a custom designed clinical protocol specifically for you to optimize both your brain & body. Whether you are looking for optimal health & wellness, peak performance or suffer from chronic immune, endocrine or neurological issues, they can help.








*Please note this program is not for everyone. If you are pregnant or nursing, suffering from any chronic illness or degenerative disease, please call us to make sure this program is right for you.


Discounts only applicable on the Group Detox program. Not applicable on any other integrative chiropractic or neurofeedback services, herbs or other nutritional supplements.


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