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September 4, 2013

Volume 5, Number 4


Hormonal Migraines.


Dear patients and friends,


Hormonal migraines, often referred to as menstrual migraines, are migraine headaches that are triggered by sudden changes and imbalances in a woman’s sex hormones during her monthly cycle. A healthy, yet changing balance of estrogen and progesterone throughout a female’s monthly cycle is responsible for sufficient


energy, restful sleep, a healthy libido, and overall health and well being – not to mention her ability to conceive. But when the normal estrogen and progesterone levels shift too far from normal, she can experience fatigue, mood swings, hot flashes or sweats, bloating, breast tenderness, and of course headaches – including a migraine.


What Causes a Menstrual Migraine?

Any symptoms a woman feels each month related to her monthly cycle is usually caused by what is known as estrogen dominance. This is when she is either making too much estrogen, having trouble properly detoxifying the estrogen, or has insufficient progesterone to balance the estrogen. When these estrogen levels become too high or are not balanced out by progesterone, a migraine can result.


The most common times during a woman’s monthly cycle to present with a migraine is either around ovulation (often around day 8-14 of her cycle), or some time during the week before her period (“PMS”), if not during menses. During ovulation there is a surge in estrogen which is followed by a surge in progesterone. If the surge is unable to be detoxified via the liver, then a migraine can result. Or, if there is not the necessary amount of progesterone which follows the release of the egg, a migraine can occur.


During the end of the cycle when many women present with PMS, migraines can occur as the body is having difficulty breaking down estrogen, as well as progesterone, to prepare for the beginning of her next cycle.


What Can You Do To Help Resolve Your Migraine?

There are several things you can do to improve your health to resolve your hormonal-related migraine. First and foremost is to reduce your stress. Stress increases a hormone called cortisol which requires the same precursor nutrients needed to make progesterone. So many women have low progesterone due to too much cortisol (stress).


Cortisol also must be broken down in the liver via the same detoxification pathways as all other hormones. So the more cortisol available, the more burdened the liver is and the less efficient it is able to metabolize your sex hormones. Reducing stress means finding time to relax and exercise, consuming less if not zero caffeine and sugar, eating regularly and keeping your blood sugar balanced, getting adequate sleep, and removing any of life’s burdens (stress) as you’re able.


Supporting Detox Pathways.

Xenoestrogens are chemicals that mimic naturally occurring estrogens and disrupt the function of the endocrine system. Problems with fertility, sexual development, and both male and female hormonal health can be greatly affected by these hormone disruptors. The majority of xenoestrogens are found in plastic products which contain chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and other polycarbonates. Using less plastic products and especially never heating or cooking with any plastic products can help lower your xenoestrogen levels; this also includes being aware of plastic lids commonly used on the top of hot coffee to-go cups.


However, xenoestrogens are also found in skin care products, perfumes, cleaning supplies, and insecticides amongst others. Use organic skincare, cleaning products made from vinegar and hydrogen peroxide or just soap and water and avoid perfumes, but use scented oils instead.


Many women (men too) do not properly detoxify their hormones due to nutritional deficiencies or problems with their physiology. Sometimes nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin B6, B12, or folate may be necessary to help correct a hormonal imbalance. Proper intestinal function and elimination is also a critical factor in detoxifying, since if you can’t get the toxins out of your body they will accumulate, get reabsorbed and cause more problems.


As you can see, many different factors can contribute to your headaches. Using applied kinesiology diagnostic techniques, I can help restore balance to your hormonal system by providing an individualized assessment and treatment plan to help you overcome your migraines and as well as other hormonal-health related problems you may be experiencing.


So give us a call to set up your appointment or answer any questions you may have. You can also check our website at www.jamiesonhealthcenter.com for more information.


Yours in good health,                                                    

Dr. Samuel Jamieson, D.C.


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We highly recommend fish oil, because it contains so much Omega-3 oil, which in turn contains the EFAs/ Essential Fatty Acids EPA and DHA. Most people are DHA deficient. DHA is very important for physical and neurological health. Our brains are made of DHA and EPA, with a ratio of 5:1 DHA to EPA. And we can only get it from foods. Our bodies don't make it, which is why they are called EFAs. 
Obviously, you have to watch out for not properly processed versions of fish oil. If you buy them at Costco or CVS, it may not be high quality fish oil. These are usually industrially processed, using extreme heat. A good fish oil should be minimally processed, unadulterated or just fermented. If so, they also include Vit A,D, F and K2. We have 3 different fish oils, with DHA/EPA ratios ranging from 1.5:1, 5:1 and 21:1. Usually kids with neurological issues get the 5:1 or 21:1. 
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Sadly, according to the CDC, some 2.7 million kids were taking medication for ADHD in the U.S. as of 2007, the most recent data available. Too few parents are aware of alternative and holistic treatments such as neurofeedback brain training, enabling cognitive and behavioral improvements permanently.


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Documentary: The Drugging of Our Children.
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Sadly, few parents know that behavioral problems are very frequently related to improper diet, emotional upset and exposure to toxins; these underlying issues should be resolved before suppressing symptoms with medications.


The Paleo Diet Craze. 
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