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January 7, 2010

Volume 2, Number 1


Dear friends and patients,


Happy New Year! I wish you all a healthy, joyful and successful 2010!


As your doctor, I promise to do my best to teach you how to stay healthy and well and live a long and healthy life. That’s why I want to draw your attention to one of the most dreaded diseases which also happens to be non-responsive to drugs: Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).


You may think: “Why Alzheimer’s? I’m way too young for Alzheimer’s!” That’s exactly why I want you to think about it today: Alzheimer’s is irreversible, but with early diagnosis and critical treatment, Alzheimer’s Disease can be slowed down or stalled.


Here are a few statistics about the disease:

§   AD affects about 10% of the people between the ages 65 and 85.

§   AD affects 40% of the people over the age of 85

§   The brain changes characteristic of AD happen in the early 40s and 50s.

§   The course of AD and the rate of decline vary from person to person

§   On average, patients with AD live for 8-10 years after diagnosis, but may live as long as 20 years.

§   If one parent has AD, half of the children will also have it.

§   In the next 50 years the rates of AD are expected to go from 4 million people to 14 million.

I urge you to take the early symptom test and give me a call. If you show symptoms, let me help you stop the degeneration of your brain before it is too late.


Yours in good health,

Dr. Samuel Jamieson, D.C.


Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease while you still can.


Take this test and identify early symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is an age-related, irreversible brain disorder that gradually erases memory, thinking and understanding. Over time, as neurons in the brain degenerate, patients are showing severe cognitive dysfunction, personality changes, and eventually loose function of their body.


The timing of the diagnosis is extremely critical. When detected early, it can be slowed down. A very easy way to identify whether you are showing early symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease is to take this quick test and answer the following questions truthfully:


1.     Do you have a declining loss of visual memory? For example you can’t remember places you have been or have difficulty finding a place you’ve been before?

2.     Do you have a declining loss of verbal memory? For example people start finishing your sentences because you are searching for words?

3.     Do you have memory lapses? For example you have trouble focusing on what you’re saying and go all over the place when someone asks you a question?

4.     Do you have impaired creativity?

5.     Do you have diminished comprehension?

6.     Do you have difficulty calculating numbers? For example subtracting 7s starting from 100?

7.     Do you have difficulty recognizing objects and faces or people’s phone numbers?

8.     Do you feel like your opinion about yourself has changed?

9.     Are you experiencing excessive urination?

10.  Are you experiencing slower mental response?

If you answered yes to 5 or more of the above questions, you are showing early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. This is very serious and we strongly recommend that you set up an appointment so we can help you stop the degeneration of your brain, and stall the progress of Alzheimer’s.


Our brain and memory protocol, including holistic chiropractic treatments and brain supplements, is designed to stop the inflammation in your brain. There is only a short window of opportunity to make any changes. If left untreated, soon all the damage to your brain will be permanent.



For more information, call our office at 408-517-0706 or visit our website at www.jamiesonhealthcenter.com.

Your memory uses different brain regions.

·          Your Short-Term memory or Working memory is used when you are learning and is engaged by the Frontal Cortex. Symptoms like depression, procrastination, laziness, can be caused by an underdeveloped frontal cortex.

·          The Short-To-Long-Term Memory conversion happens in the Hippocampus. When you forget where you parked your car, or your keys, or you can’t find a place even when you’ve been there before, these are all symptoms of a hippocampus that is degenerating. This is the first area affected by Alzheimer’s.

·         Your Long-Term Memory or Declarative Memory is engaged by the Temporal Lobe. Declarative memory is knowledge of discrete events and information that can be recalled with a conscious effort.

·         Procedural memory is implicit knowledge based on performance. When procedural skills and habits like driving a car or handwriting are performed, the cerebellum of the brain is engaged.

How Alzheimer’s affects your brain.

When you show early signs of Alzheimer’s like the ones above, the hippocampus of your brain is affected. This is where your brain is affected first. Plaque is building up, neurons die, and this area of your brain starts to degenerate and shrinks.


If not treated appropriately, the disease will progress from the hippocampus to the frontal cortex and then the temporal lobe. When the frontal cortex is affected, you will start having severe learning difficulties, fall into depression, have constant mood swings, lack motivation and drive, and slowly you will not be able to perceive the losses you experience. 


Once the temporal lobe is affected, your long-term memory will be impaired and you will not be able to remember names, events, places, etc. It is at this point that Western medicine diagnoses patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and there is no treatment for it.


Live a healthy life and avoid Alzheimer’s Disease.

Although there is a genetic component to Alzheimer’s Disease, many great physicians of this time believe that genetics is only a blue print and not what determines whether or not you will get a disease. It is how you live your life and what you expose your body to that ultimately defines the outcome. 


Therefore, my recommendations to avoid Alzheimer’s are:


·          Stop any non-fat diet immediately.

·          Eat a healthy sugar-free, low-carb diet.

·          Include fats in your diet (your brain needs fats to function, except trans-fats, which are deadly)

·          Supplement with natural whole food Essential Fatty Acids especially Omega-3 oils.

·          Change your lifestyle to avoid any physical and emotional stress.

·          Get regular exercise and daily sun exposure.

·          Live green by not exposing yourself to unnecessary toxins.

·          Get regular preventative holistic chiropractic treatments.

·          If you detect early symptoms of Alzheimer’s, call us immediately.


For more information, call our office at 408-517-0706 or visit our website at www.jamiesonhealthcenter.com



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